Muscle testing/Applied Kinesiology - Intentional Grace

I use muscle testing to prescribe remedies.  In my experience, muscle-testing allows your body to choose the best remedy for you.  The remedy may relate exactly to what you have come to see me for, or it may be that something else you’ve told me in the consultation has taken priority.  My experience is that the remedy will be addressing all aspects of you, physical, mental and emotional, and over time will be supporting your system to address any imbalance.

Similarly what I see in my clinic is that a patient's system will prioritise how it wants to use the remedy.  Some people will initially see a shift in their energy or in the ways they feel or deal with certain situations or relationships.  Others will first notice a change in a physical symptom.

Kinesiology defies rationality but has proved itself a very useful tool in my clinic.  It has been used for years to test for food allergies and also for herbal supplements, and now for homeopathic remedies as well. 

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